Stories from the Studio

Mike Sajnoski

Mike Sajnoski I was born in Normandy to French/Macedonian parents. I studied Fine Arts in Rouen before leaving the north of France [...]

Joanna Maclennan

Joanna Maclennan I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 15 years. Having grown up in England, I moved to France in [...]

Castello de Haye

Castello de Haye Jacqueline Kennet We draw on the power of nature to create botanical skincare, using the finest ingredients nature can [...]

Bina Shah

Binah Shah Bina Shah is a London based visual artist and her work is site-responsive and deep rooted in both urban and [...]

Rachel Sudworth

Rachel Sudworth I am inspired by quiet still places, rain and mist, and subtle colours found in wild environments. I love mountains, [...]

Alexandra Yan Wong

Alexandra Yan Wong Alexandra Yan Wong is a London-based artist. Her paintings explore the interplay between the abstract visual and the personal [...]

Maud Goldberg

Maud Goldberg Maud is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Montpellier France 1975. After a couple decades spent living in the North of [...]

Amanda Duggan

Amanda Duggan Motivated by the tactile nature of materials, Amanda repeatedly explores the concept of space, whilst aligning herself with the Japanese [...]


Obsessed We are always looking for new and wondrous pieces for our Nature Table and we could not resist these stunning Sororoca [...]

A Hiraeth Glow

A Hiraeth Glow This photograph by @justynakulam perfectly captures how I want our scent 'Hiraeth' to make you feel;  Centered and held, [...]

  • Accidental Landscape

Still Unperfecting

Still Unperfecting Update I first wrote this post nearly four years ago but feel that it’s more relevant than ever.  It has [...]

Always Eco

Always Eco At Harp Studio we will always do our best to be as environmentally aware as we can.  Though we always [...]

  • Baobab seed pods

For the love of Baobabs

For the love of Baobabs It was these small baobabs that gave rise to Harp Studio supplying unusual natural delights.  I found [...]