Eggs sans frontiers

Our eggs used to come from our old Harp Cottage housekeeper.  When she left to have baby number three, we still kept in touch via a weekly egg delivery, even after the sale of Harp Cottage our eggs came from her.  This has gone on for years and baby number three is now at school!  But she lives high above Presteigne in an ancient farmhouse on a hill and it wasn’t really practical anymore to come into town just to drop off our eggs.

So we now have eggs from our farmer neighbours, just across the river.  We have the delight of seeing their sheep and cows wandering in the fields immediately across the river and now the added bonus of eating their hens eggs.

At the end of every week we get a text saying our eggs have being popped out ready for collection.  So we then have the wonderful task of taking a meander through town and wandering across the lovely sixteenth century bridge that marks the boundary between Wales and England.  Once we have passed into England we are in egg country.

The eggs are from possibly the most beautiful farmhouse in the area.  Beautiful as it’s untouched.  It is a Georgian building with so many original features.  One day I hope to be invited inside, social interactions have been limited due to lockdown unfortunately,  but I think I would embarrass myself by getting over excited!

For now I just love collecting my eggs from the doorstep and popping my money through the letter box.  Knowing that the chickens are happy and well looked after and from a lovely family.  And as has been pointed out to me on several occasions; working and being around lovely people is hugely important to me.  I find it odd that it’s something to be remarked on….but that is a thought for another day.

Now home to Wales to eat our international eggs.