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Musings I am always mindful that when I have designed a room for someone, that they will then live in that space.  They will breathe their lives into the [...]

Inside Layla Robinson’s studio

Inside Layla Robinson's studio A couple of weeks ago, I finally made it to see Layla Robinson's new Studio space.  It was beautiful.  Her drying room was just pure [...]

Musings in Ochre

Musings in Ochre I am not know for my love of colour. However, my love of tones is a different matter. I enjoy creating moods through nuance and texture. [...]

Without a meaning, it’s just decoration. I once lived in Brussels and in the apartment were many Javanese shadow puppets.  I coveted them, they were exquisite - pure beautiful [...]

Hergest Lee

Hergest Lee 'Hergest Lee cabin was designed to mirror the curves of Hanter Hill opposite, sitting harmoniously within the rural Welsh landscape.' This week has possibly been my most [...]

Black Swans eggs

Black Swans eggs It's not often that you get a message saying I've found some Black swan eggs - and you know the providence of them is from a [...]