I am always mindful that when I have designed a room for someone, that they will then live in that space.  They will breathe their lives into the bones of what I have created.  So all I can do is create a blank canvas for them to live.  Their lives will bring that space alive.  The colour of life itself – the coat flung onto the sofa and the shoes discarded before they are tidied away.  The newspapers scattered next to a pot of coffee and favourite cups on the table.  The smell of burnt toast lingers in the air, as it was left in too long.  Your favourite music in the background – all thrown into turmoil when the cat brings you a gift of a mouse.  All of these things are what make a home a home.  Only when all of the senses are engaged by the lives inside does a house become a home.

All images from Joanna Maclennan’s ‘The Foraged Home’.  Taken at our home in France.