Have you ever felt like everything is going around you at break neck speed?  I feel it too and I have to realise that I too need to slow down.  I move and work so fast that I confuse people.  Yep I’m one of those people who writes the end of the sentence at the beginning as I get ahead of myself!  I’m also a malapropist as my brain is all over the place.  But at the tender age of 26 my malapropism caused me fall in love with my husband so it definitely has it’s benefits!  A story for another time!

I find I try to cram in too much constantly – I love new ideas, they energise me, @shedhomewares_e17 said recently we’re called ‘Starters’ we need to fire off new ideas constantly.  The boring bit is the following up but that’s the pay off!  In an attempt to actually live the calm I crave, I’m going to try and be more thoughtful in my intentions.  Although I already notice the small things and always light the candle, stop and listen to the bird song (the birds have really started the Spring chorus this week!) I don’t stay in the moment.  I run onto the next thing.  I am a doer and I love that I’m a doer but social media etc has stepped that up a notch and I think we actively need to respond to this upturn in pace. 


So are you with me on this journey?  What things have you found yourself pausing and savouring?  Warning, people will think you’re mad.  I stopped recently to look for the woodpecker I could hear hammering away overhead.  It was snowing, I was freezing cold, but how often do you see a woodpecker in a city?!  Passes by stopped and asked what I was doing,  confirmed that there are woodpeckers in the area (which I loved that they knew) but they also admonished me for stopping in the freezing wet weather for something so trivial.  It wasn’t trivial.  It was a beautiful moment where the countryside and the city merged.

So I’m going to use you all as my accountability buddies and you can help me really live the Slow Living dream!  Who’s with me #goingforslow