In September we officially launch this new sofa design at 100% Design.  A modern sofa based on an old classic design with a contemporary twist.  It is unique as it is made as a campaign sofa so can fit into the most awkward spaces as it is meant to be taken apart – perfect for apartment blocks and old houses with narrow doorways and staircases.  Each one is hand made so size isn’t an issue as they are always made to order.  We will also be offering it as a sofa bed in standard sizes.  Available in linen to start and we will then introduce selected wools and velvets to the collection.  Although we officially launch in September they are already available and take 8-12 weeks to deliver.

Sizes priced are standard but please just ask for variations

chair 1.1m

small two seater 1.8m

two seater 2m

three seater 2.2m


The sofa photographed above is the original sofa designed for an old French townhouse with a very steep narrow staircase. The sofa is 2.2m long.  The house had been in the same family since it had been built until the now and the new owners want to be mindful of this history.  The linen is from vintage sheets found in the house that belonged to the original family as we wanted to incorporate the old with the current chapter of the home.