On Monday I wandered out of Harp Cottage to forage for some cow parsley.  I decided to pop through the churchyard as I had seen some on the verge by the red telephone box.  As I walked past the church I noticed the screen doors put up to stop the swallows getting into the church as they used to get trapped inside.  It has been a while since I visited St Stephen’s so I decided to go inside.  When we used to live at Harp Cottage I used to pop in ever so often just for a few quiet moments and to look around.  It still stops me in my tracks.  I think it’s a beautiful space and the fact that it’s still open for visitors is wonderful.   The ancient round solid stone font greets you on your left as you walk in.  Rumoured to be an original standing stone from the site’s Pagan roots.  The other standing stones are meant to be dotted around the churchyard walls.  Turning right towards the alter space is the ancient rood screen that has now been restored to it’s former glory and is looking stunning.


To spend a few minutes slowly walking around and taking it all in was a beautiful diversion and I would strongly recommend visiting.  I left feeling calmer than when I arrived and then snuck out to steal some wild cow parsley.  The irony was not lost on me.






Harp Cottage from the Vestry