A Considered Home to me is a home where you feel centred.  A place where you look around and feel it represents and reflects you and your family.  That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, no one and no thing is perfect.

A considered home is different things to different people.  It’s an ethos, a way of life.  It’s not something that you can just pick up from the shops on a Saturday afternoon.

A considered home is a conscious home, way of being.  It’s your world view and how you want to exist in the world.  For me everything is intertwined.  What food we eat, what furniture we choose, what books we read, what we do as a family…everything is interlinked.  

Once you find out the core of who you are decisions become a lot easier!   You instinctively are drawn to things that meet your way of life.  Figuring out who you are is the first step.  Also it’s not a constant – we are all growing and changing but the core stays the same.


Conversations on Instagram between myself, @louisaatstarrecorner, @blackshorestyle and @ridgeandfurrow led to us wanting to promote something less consumer led.  Aware that lots of you feel the same we thought it would be a good idea to create a new hashtag for Instagram that reflects those values, so #myconsideredhome was born.

As Louisa so eloquently said

“we wanted our hashtag to represent our simple, less commercial interior style. A style which appreciates less consumerism and a more natural, organic and considered home.”

We are delighted how well received it has been and look forward to seeing your posts and growing our likeminded community.


@aliheath_uk post of @marielemesurier dining room