Harp Cottage main bedroom, linen bedding

One of the things I love is how much people love the look of Harp Cottage.  We created Harp Cottage as our home.  It was decorated to suit our lives, our budget and our aesthetics.

Harp Cottage is our approach to life as well as a home.  Everything we  do, is done with thought and intent.  Both my husband and I are creative people – he’s a writer and I’m a fine artist – and what we surround ourselves with is hugely important to our well being.

I was surprised when people started to ask me how they could make their home the same as Harp Cottage, even though, I do help people create their own interiors, it was rarely similar to how I created my own space.  Now I find that by just being me and standing up to be counted instead of apologising for how I do things, is immensely rewarding.  I love being able to share my experience and to genuinely do so with authenticity and an ethos that I created and live by.

Not everyone can employ me to guide them throughout a whole house or even a room scheme so to make my approach more available I have started to run workshops where I share my beliefs and approach to creating a calm, contemporary and elegant home.  One that works with the building itself and the family that live in it.  If I can’t help you on a one to one basis then I can still meet you personally and give you some of my tools for creating the look yourself.

Meeting people is something that I love to do, that’s one of the reason that I love Instagram!  And to be able to share something that I really believe in is amazing.  If you think that you would like to hear more about the workshops or if you would even like to run a workshop in your own home or venue, please do get in touch.


“Thank you for your lovely course on Saturday, it was very inspiring.  I have started to create mood boards for each project and will now only purchase items to create the look” Amanda