Denby Pottery at Harp Cottage

We all have dreams and as usual mine are usually all about my home.  Creating beautiful interiors is hugely important to me, in fact it’s essential.  I really believe that the environment you live in, has an enormous impact on your well being.  By surrounding yourself with beautiful objects that feel lovely to touch and hold and see, the delight brings an inner joy that helps you to maintain a healthy life.  So it is important to dream and make those dreams come true.

Recently one of my dreams for the cottage came true!  There are always things that you covet and remember from your childhood that you desire as a grown up in your very own house.  One of these was the crockery that we had.  My mum loved cooking and we always ate together at the table.  It was the 1970s so everything matched, so laying the table meant it always looked perfect.  As well as the usual plates, side plates, correct bowls for everything, we had all the serving bowls, tureens etc – everyone else remember the same?  Ours were all Denby Castile Blue Denim.


Denby in France

If you follow our sister house @lescoteauxvienne in France you will have seen them.  They have now emigrated and are happily living la belle vie in Brigueil le Chantre.  We still use them and now our guests use them too they try stay.  When I mentioned to Denby that I dreamed one year of offering the same at Harp Cottage, the little Denby angels delivered!  Dreams do come true.


Denby at Harp Cottage

The wonderful people at @denbypottery have gifted us with plates, bowls, mugs, a teapot (this tea drinker is in heaven) and the most beautiful cafetière in their gorgeous Natural Canvas and Natural Canvas Textured range.  Our wonderful cottage now has a very grown up set of it’s very own.   Thank you to Denby Pottery all our guests have the joy of eating off beautifully crafted and gorgeous looking crockery.  I’m sure the cafetière also makes the coffee taste better too!


Reasons to choose Denby Pottery

Apart from growing up with Denby Pottery and loving their work, the reason I want to have their ceramics at Harp Cottage is two fold.  They last!!  Denby Pottery are the only crockery that made it on to Tara Button of @buymeonce list due to their virtually unbreakable stoneware!  They are also beautiful products and feel beautiful to touch and use.  Which fully fits with our whole ethos here at Harp Cottage.

The other reason is that everything Denby is made here in the UK.  As we are all becoming more and more aware of how our products are made and where they are made, we have a conscious choice about what we consume.

The only downside is I don’t live there any more, so I hope you lovely people look after my dream crockery and one day I will have a whole set in my own home!


Own your own

To that end the generous Denby lot have offered all Harp Cottage followers 20% off  whenever you shop – just pop HARP20 in when paying.  Slowly I’m building up my own set!  Race you……

So here’s to many years of eating and drinking from beautiful timeless @denbypottery 🙌🏻

Denby Natural Canvas and Natural Canvas Textured crockery at Harp Cottage