Harp Studios is all about creating the right lifestyle for you and your home.  Helping you to live your life how you need to live it.

We can help you on your own interiors journey; to ask the right questions and to create your own considered home.  Harp Studio Style is universal and we can nurture your own calm considered interiors style.

What sets us apart from other interior consultants is that we come at styling your room from an artist’s point of view.  The way Justine puts interiors together is instinctive, enabl;ing you to reach the core of what you need your home to be rather than influenced by trends.  Justine approaches any space as a whole, it’s not just about the colour of the walls but about how the room will make you feel. How you need the room to work for you and most importantly how you need that room to make you feel.

Justine fell into interior design purely through needing a job as raising a family and working as an artist wasn’t financially fruitful enough. She started in an interior shop getting to know all the fabric, wallpaper and paint houses and through this advised on creating rooms and whole homes for people. She found she had a very own strong design ethos that exists outside trends and has a timeless feel.

This translates into an easy to live in, calm, stylish but sophisticated environment.   Somewhere you want to relax in.  Creating calm, considered, natural, thoughtful homes that have a warm, welcoming atmosphere is the whole ethos of Harp Studios, Justine’s husband calls it ‘detailed minimalism’.

Justine still creates art through installations and interventions which means that her whole approach is holistic and considers all aspects of living that goes into creating a home.

“Together, I can guide you through creating your own stylish, timeless home.  It’s your home and it needs to function for you and your family”.


Services provided: Interior Styling & Photography – Buying & Sourcing – Design Concepts – Workshops

If you are interested in working with Justine and like her style please just email her on studio@harp-studio.com

The Locksmiths House
Georgian Writing Room Sea fan, feather lampshade and chinoiserie cupboard

What sets us apart from other interior consultants is that we approach styling from an artist’s point of view.  My style is described as #detailedminimalism think wabi sabi meets John Pawson!  My approach to any space is as a whole, it’s not just about the colour of the walls but about how the room will make you feel. People are at the centre of any design.  We look at how you need the room to work for you, how you need that room to make you feel. 

Available in UK and France and I love to travel!

Take advantage of my experience and eye for detail. If you don’t know where to start in making your house flow and how to show all your treasured objects off to their best ability, I come to advise and work with you to make a beautiful calm considered and thoughtful home.   Often it is just moving a few items around and shopping your own home that makes all the difference.  I charge a fixed fee for this.

Offering years of experience in creating beautiful calm environments we can help you create your perfect home from advice on paint colours and building up layers confidently,  to helping you create a whole home within your budget! We can be involved as little or as much as you need. Fees can be on a daily or hourly rate or for a fixed fee plus expenses. 

Know what you’re looking for but have no idea how to find it or the time to find it. Those unique and unusual pieces can make a room. Often some experienced help is all that you need to finish it all off beautifully. No two projects are the same so please get in touch if you have something in mind and we can tell you from there if we can help and how much its likely to cost.

Need that special touch that will make you home or products stand out? We offer a complete package of styling and photographing for your project. Working with interiors photographer Joanna MacLennan we can make your world look amazing.

My workshops can help you to understand how to create your own calm, considered and thoughtful home.  I can show you how to use tones and texture to create a coherent beautiful home yourself. Sign up to be first to hear about them via our mailing list.

Georgian Writing Room
White linen campaign sofa