Joanna Maclennan

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 15 years. Having grown up in England, I moved to France in my early thirties and never looked back – though I still love visiting the UK. I’ve been based in Provence for nearly fifteen years now, where I live with my husband, our young daughter, and a goose. We have recently built our own home and studio in the village of Eygalières.

I’ve always loved travel, different cultures and meeting new people – not to mention art, design and flea markets. Anywhere and anything that has a deep sense of time and place. My photography plays a huge part in this, while also being my greatest passion.

I only work with natural light and mostly use an old Hasselblad camera. It requires time, with a very long exposure. They originally capture 6×6 images, but I have attached a digital back to bring it up to the 21st century. Still, the process is unhurried, which suits me perfectly. ‘Slow photography’ means seeking that precise shot, as opposed to firing off a thousand and leaving it to good fortune. Less is more. And through this process, I am able to get the depth and richness that I’m looking for, my photographs made atmospheric by differing textures and shadows. While much of my work is focused on interiors, I also shoot Lifestyle, Travel, Portraits and Still Lifes, drawn to faces and objects that tell a story.

I work for a variety of International magazines and Newspapers – World of InteriorsHouse & GardenThe New York Times – as well as publishers such as Thames & Hudson and Gestalten. Clients include Atelier Vime, Pierre Frey, Olivades, GSL Works, Ours Clothing, Magnolia Pearl Clothing – Texas, Christies UK, Jamb London and David Price Design.

The nature of my work means I travel extensively through Europe, the USA and Australia but during the recent pandemic I find myself drawn to working closer to home in my adoptive country of France and neighbouring European countries.