Maud Goldberg

Maud is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Montpellier France 1975. After a couple decades spent living in the North of the British Isles Maud has recently returned to live in France where she is renovating an old farmhouse and patiently awaiting the set-up of her new atelier.

With a background in installation art, today Maud’s studio practice still explores the narrative of place within our everyday through the sensory experience of site matter and form, but with a particular focus in the medium of painting drawing and ceramics.

Maud works experimentally from natural and mostly foraged materials.  This offers her an intimate exchange with the content that informs her work. Maud hunts for means to find solace and freedom from natural and urban landscapes, from the mundane, the often overlooked, building an emotive narrative grounded in time and place.