Amanda Duggan

Motivated by the tactile nature of materials, Amanda repeatedly explores the concept of space, whilst aligning herself with the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy – appreciating and accepting complexity, whilst valuing simplicity. Utilising a limited palette, she sensitively creates harmonious arrangements in paint, collage and ceramic with an understated minimal aesthetic.

‘Accepting the many complexities in life is one thing, but learning to be satisfied with our current state and find beauty within the here and now is often overlooked. In a maximalist world hung up on perfection, an appreciation for simplicity feels necessary. Slowing down to a single focus brings a heightened sense of awareness and makes me sit with the imperfections I am so often drawn to.” 

Amanda studied Ceramics at Loughborough College of Art before working in education for 19 years, teaching art. She has recently become a full time artist, living and working in Wiltshire in the UK.