Dispatches from the Desk

Dispatches from the Desk

Dispatches from the Desk came about as I found the most beautiful bookcase bureau.

The bureau itself has a wonderful story attached to it.  It is about a hundred years old and had been in the same family since it was made.

It is an apprentice piece of furniture made circa 1920’s by a man studying to be a cabinet maker.  Made of oak and and is therefore very heavy!  Luckily it has been made to come apart to move it around from house to house.

The apprentice was the brother-in-law of a village Headmaster in the south of England.  I have no idea why but the desk was gifted from the Headmaster to a young girl (I presume the grandmother) of the family we bought it from.  It was then used by three generations of women as their writing desk.  Only now it has been retired as the youngest daughter has moved to London and has nowhere for this large, heavy piece to go.  So now it lives in our home instead!

It feels almost alive as it is quirky and a little clunky being an apprentice piece.  The book case glazed doors don’t open unless the bureau is down.  The desk still has it’s one key, however, there are a few locks it doesn’t work with!  Three out of the ten!  It has one single pain of glass missing from the bottom right hand corner of the left hand glazed door.  Perfect ventilation for musty books!

I wish it was a tidy desk but I can be a messy worker, leaving bits and pieces out to refer to whilst I work.

It will be where I create and write my musings on what Home means and share them with you.  Hence the name, Dispatches from the Desk.

Yes, Desk with a capital as it is a live being that now lives in our house.