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Kelly K. Stewart


"You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain


School Program on Harps & Harp History

Designed for K - 5

Requirements: stage, microphone, harps (pedal, triple, and small or bray harp)

This program is written in a series of questions and answers designed to relate the harp, usually an unknown to the children, to everyday things that they know and understand. The modern harp is a physically imposing instrument and as such, tends to inspire a certain amount of nervousness in small children.

I. What is a harp?
- Where did it come from?
- What did the first harps look like?
- Did they look like this one here?
- What about this one?
II. Medieval and Renaissance harps (Bray harp; 15th and 16th C)
- What makes the harp sound like that?
- Does anyone have an idea why they might have done that?
III. Baroque Harps (double and triple strung; 17th and 18th C)
- Why do you think the inner row of strings is there?
IV. The Modern Harp - Can everyone see the pedals at the bottom of this harp?
- What do they do?
V. Conclusion - Harps have had to change a lot over the centuries, why? - Will a couple of people tell me which kind of harp you like best
- Why?
- Which kind of music?
- Any questions?

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